0 100 f/2.8L Macro 100 Macro 10D 135 f/2 14 14 f/2.8 17-40 f/4.0 L 20 2.8 AIs 2010 2011 2013 220 2.8 AIs 24 f/1.8 24 TS-E 28 2.8 IS 300 3GS 45 TS-E 55D Mk II 55D MK III 5D 5D Mk II 5D MK III 70 70-300L 7D 85 1.2L 85 1.2L II 911 A A7r Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Abstract Accident ACT Agfa 100 Air and Space Museum Alamosa Alcatraz Alien Skin Exposure Alley American Roadways Anne Arundle Annisquam Annisquam Light Anselmo Antietam Aperture APP Apple Store Auction Australia B&O Museum B&W babes Balcony Baltimore Barn bars Beach Beatle Bertha's Berwyn Bessemer Bethlehem Bethlehem Steel Biddeford Pool Bike Birroteca Bivalve Black Friday Black Salt Blacksmith Blue Angles BMA BNSF Bocce Ball Boiler Room Boise Book Books Bosie Boston Bowery Bowls Box Car British Broadway Brooklyn Bryant Park Butchers Hill Butcher's Hill BWI Caboose California Cambridge Canadian Embassy Canberra Canco Canon 28 f/2.8 Canon FD 28/f2.0 Canson Platine Rag Canton Canyon Cape Ann Cape Neddick Cape Porpoise Captain Lords Car Carminas Carrie Furnaces Carry Out Cars Castlewood Cattlemen's Cawker City CCanon 28 f/2.8 Cemetery Charlotte Chase County Cherry Blossoms Chevy Chiaroscuro Chinatown Christmas Lights Chuck Kiimmerle Church CJ Clancy's Cletic Soltice Clinton Street Clothespins CO Color Efex Colorado Colorado Springs Columbia Common Compilation Concert Congressional Cemetery Contact Sheet Coolder Cottonwood Falls Courthouse Cows Cuervo Cyclocross Dan Gaspar Dan Smith Dan Z. Dayton DC DE Dead End Death Valley Deer Delaware Delaware City Delmarva Denver DeWolfe Diesel Engine Diner Dinner DL&W Dodge Domino Sugar Door Druid Hill Park DUMBO Dundalk E350 East Baltimore Easter Parade Eastern Market Eastern Shore Eastern State Penitentiary Eccles Eden Street Edison EG E-L Election Ellicott City Emmitsburg MD Empty Sky Memorial Equinox Erie Canal Erie Lackawanna Esplanade Essex Exhibition Eye-Fi Falcon Faux Hooper FD 28 FDR FE 35 FE 55 Fells Point Ferry Festival FFE 55 fformal Fiat 500 Fifth Avenue Filter Filterstorm fine art Fire Station Fire Truck Fireworks Fish Fittie Flag Flags Flare Flat Pano Flint Hills Flip-Flops Floyd Flypaper Texture Food foot race Footdee Forecst Fort Fort Delaware Fort Laramie Fort McHenry Fort Williams Forts Fountain Fourth of July French Quarter Friends of Patterson Park From behind Fuji Fortia Garden of the Gods Gargoyles Gas Station George Washington Georgetown GF-1 Gin Mill Gitzo Glamour Glow Glyndon MD Goat Island Light Golden Gate Goldfield Goose Rocks Beach Governors Island Graffiti Alley Grain Elevator Grand National Great Sand Dunes grip Half Marathon Hampden Harbor Harbor East Hartsel HDR HDR Efex Head Light Helicon Focus Hemingford Herkimer HHDR Efex High Line High Mesa High Plains Highland Park Hipstamatic Hoboken Hoorn Hopkins Horse Pull Horses Hotel Hubcaps Hudson Idaho Industrial Inn Inner Harbor Interior iPad iPhone iPhone4 iPhone4S Island Isle Au Haut Italy Jails Jefferson Jersey City jpeg Kansas Kansas City Kennebunkport Kinetic Sculpture Labor Day Labs Lancaster County Leadville Leiden Lemonade Letters Lewes Liberty State Park Lifestyle Lighthouse Lincoln Little Italy Lobby Lobsterman Loch Raven Locust Point Long Exposure Longwood Gardens Louden County Loxia 50 Loyola Lutheran M&T Bank Stadium Macy's Maderia Street Madiera Street Mail Slot Main Maine Maisel Mall Manhattan Marblead Marietta Mark Supik Marshall Point Maryland Massachusetts MB McKee-Besher MD Meatpacking Memorial Day Mendes Midnight filter Midway Military Sealift Command Mine Mini Minneapolis Minnesota Mirrored Morgan Motorcycles Mount Vernon Mullen Murphy Museum of Industry Musicans Mussels N.S. Savannah Nash nashedphotatoes Nashification nashtastic National Archives National Building Museum National Gallery of Art National Scuplture Garden National Shrine National Zoo ND Workshop Ndew Jersy Nebraska Neighborhood Neon Netherlands Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York New York City Nex-7 NikSoftware NJ NM Nocturnal NOLA North Dakota North River Northend NOVA Nuclear Numbers NYC NYSE Oban O'Boyle Occupy Wall Street Ocean Grove Ogallala National Grasslands Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma City Old Orchard Beach Olympus OOB Opening Oregon Orkney PA Pacific Packard Pagoda Pano Panorama Parade Paris Hill Pastis Pastis York Patapsco State Park Patterson Park Peeling paint Pennitentiary Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Avenue Penobscot Bay Peral Dive Philadelphia Photographer PhotoPal picnic Piedmont Pittsburg Plains Poe Poladroid Polarizer Polaroid Polaroid Transfer Porch Port Clyde Porthole Portland Portriats Potomac Power Plant Prairie Prisons Profoto Public Garden Queponco Race Rain ranch Rankin Raven Ravens Rawlings Conservatory Reflections Rehoboth Remask Residential Restaurant Rhyolite Ris Ritz River Rockland Rodeo Roofers Route 66 RRS Rugby Runners Sailabration Salem Salt San Casciano Val Di Pesa San Francisco Sand Hills Sandend Sanford Santa Fe Sauvie Island Savannah Schoolhouse Schwinn Scotland Scuplture Garden Severn Sharpsburg Shenandoah National Park Ship shirts shoes Shop Show Shuttersnitch Silos Silver Efex Silver Efex 2 'Skins Smokers Smoking Snap 2 Snow SO Soho Solomon River Valley South Park Speed Graphic Split Toned Sports Spy Museum Squares SSilver Efex 2 St. Anthony St. George's Penninsula St. Iggy's St. Machar's St. Mary's 10D St. Michael's State Fair Staten Island Ferry Station Station North Statue of Liberty Steam Engine Steel Steeplechase Stockyards Stonington Storm Storm Clouds strap Strega Structures and strangers Summilux 35 Sunflowers Sunrise Sunset Susquehana State Park State Swan Boats Tall Grass Taneytown MD Taos Tasco Ted Tents Texture The Maritime The Reach The Saint The Strand Thurmont Md Tony Sweet Topaz Adjust Topaz Adjust 2 Topaz B&W Trabant Train Tree Trolley Museum Truck Truck Stop TS-E 45 Tucumcari Tuscany TV Udvar-Hazy Union Market Upper Fells Point Uptown US 119 US 202 US 24 US 285 Victor Victorian Video Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Vinalhaven Virginia Viveza 2 VSCO Film VSCo Kodak Ektar Warm Emulation W Hotel Wagon Walker Evans Wardrobe Water Lilly Waterford Waterford Va Wells Beach West Chester West Kennbunk West Orange Westminster MD Willamette Windmill Window Wingersheek Wingersheek Beech WNC Woodie Woodturning WTC WW II Wyoming X100 XZ-1
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Long in the tooth

I was on my way home from retrieving my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee from the dealers service department thinking it was getting long in the tooth with about 115k miles on it when I saw my neighbors delivery truck parked across the street from his house. It is a 1953 Chevy One Ton Panel truck and quite a big longer in the tooth than my Jeep. It is normaly in a nearby garage so this was a real treat --- so out came the camera.

The rest of the snaps are, as usual, here. All taken with the 5D Mk II with a 50mm f1.8 Mk I that is about half as old as the truck.

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